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Beans Carrot with Chana dal poriyal

Beans Carrot with chana dal poriyal is a colorful and healthy stir fry side dish made with French Beans, Carrot, Chana dal, tempering ingredients, onion, and fresh coconut. Traditionally it is served with rice, rasam, or sambar.

Low in fat, high in fiber, and other nutrients from beans and carrots, protein from chana dal, it is a healthy side dish that everyone can relish.

What is Poriyal?

Poriyal is a traditional South Indian dish made by sauteing vegetables with mild spices and garnished with freshly grated coconut. Poriyal is one of the easy and quick stir fry dishes which you can make in 10–15minutes.

Usually, the process is to start with chopping the veggies, then proceed with tempering, next toss the chopped veggies (boiled or raw), cook it along with tempering and spices, and add freshly grated coconut.

Vegetables that can be used to make poriyal are carrot, beans, cauliflower, beetroot, bhendi/okra, cabbage, snake gourd, raw banana, cluster beans.

It’s my option on days when I do not like to have dal with rice. It makes a good side dish for roti, chapati, or plain paratha too. What I like the most about this dish is the bite of chana dal. You can replace it with moong dal.

About this recipe

You can make poriyal with one vegetable instead of a combination. But there are days when vegetables are in little quantity. I call it a fridge cleaning day. At that point, the combination works the best. This is how I came up with this combo.

Within minutes you have a dish that is packed with nutrition and flavors. Also, another health benefit is that it’s not harsh on the stomach.

Every dish has different ways of cooking and so does poriyal. Some prefer to stir fry the vegetables in the tempering and others prefer to pre-cook/boil the vegetables and toss in the tempering ingredients.

Stir fir process changes the color of vegetables. My preference for poriyal is pre-cooking vegetables. The only reason is, to retain the right color of vegetables.

Do not miss reading Pro tips as the section has a tip about retaining the color of vegetables. The dish is a visual treat to eyes with orange, green, yellow, and white colors. Full of different flavors and textures, it's a magical dish that one cannot resist.

Pro tips fr making Beans Carrot with Chana dal poriyal

Wash chana dal a couple of times and soak for 30–60 minutes.
Cut the vegetables in the same size.
For poriyal, I prefer to boil the vegetables and chana dal till 90%. To retain the bright color of carrot and beans, I add a pinch of salt and sugar to the boiling water. Also, the vessel should not be covered. This tip can be followed while blanching green leafy vegetables too.
The thing to take care of in this recipe is to not let the chana dal overcook, it should hold shape and retain its crunchiness.
Add grated coconut to the end and mix gently. Do not cook further.


Can make this dish without coconut.
Can grate the carrot.
Can grind coconut, dry red chili, or green chili and cumin seeds without adding water. Add this paste after the dish is ready. Crushed cumin seeds add a distinct flavor.